Looking for new staff? Get recruitment ready!

Looking for new staff? Get recruitment ready!

The start of the year can bring movement in staff, so I thought I’d ask Deborah Hockham from I Am Enterprises, to write a blog reminding us about getting recruitment ready before you start your search:

Great news, you’re about to recruit a new staff member! However, before you go anywhere near advertising your vacancy, it’s an idea to make sure that you’re ‘recruitment ready’ and you might like to consider the following:

Job description and job title – do they reflect the focus and scope of the role? If so, what are the three must-haves which should be listed at the top of the job spec? When recruiting to a brand new post, or re-defining an existing one, it’s very easy to try and squash every task imaginable that isn’t being fulfilled elsewhere (or someone is trying to offload), into one job. Try to be focused and realistic about the role and be really clear on the key competencies and experience you are looking for.

Salary – is the salary realistic? A quick check on relevant job sites can provide a benchmark as to how your salary compares to similar roles in organisations against which you’ll be competing. If the salary is on the low side – and your budget is fixed with little scope to increase it – think about creative ways that you might be able to work around this. For example, could the job be offered on the same salary but for four days a week? This might then attract those who would otherwise not be interested.

Flexibility  what benefits does your organisation offer? Flexible benefits go a long way towards influencing some potential employees, whether it’s flexible working, term-time working, or something else. Understand what is likely to attract your target employee at different stages of their career. What’s important to your employees when they’re starting out may be quite different mid or late career.

Adopt a candidate-centred recruitment process – have a clear idea of what the process will look like and who will be involved. In terms of responding to enquiries, processing applications, timelines for shortlisting, interview dates and feedback make sure that everyone involved in any part of the process understands this too. Good candidates will get snapped up quickly.  Leave it too long between short-listing and interviewing and you risk losing your top candidates. I’ve lost count of the number of times that employers have taken too long to make decisions on potential new recruits and have lost them in the process. By adopting a customer service approach and placing the candidate at the centre of your search, you will be increasing your likelihood of a successful appointment.

You may only be recruiting one person, but you will need to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your organisation receives a warm welcome and goes away feeling inspired by your work. You never know, even if they don’t become your next recruit, they could become a future supporter, volunteer, board member or ambassador if they are suitably impressed!

Good luck!

Deborah Hockham, I Am Enterprises

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