Membership Engagement


6 things I like about the Fawcett Society’s member welcome letter

I recently joined the Fawcett Society (Fawcett), the UK’s leading campaign for gender equality. I liked their welcome letter (interestingly they chose to send a hard-copy letter), so I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights, which you could use for inspiration […]

5 reasons why I love the CIM’s hardcopy benefits poster

I am a member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and in with my renewal Direct Debit confirmation letter there was a nice A3 poster outlining my benefits. Here are the five reasons why I love it: It focuses […]

Guest blog: 5 essentials for a great telephone renewals campaign

I am delighted to include this blog by Chord UK Ltd; a specialist telemarketing agency that has helped a number of membership organisations engage with their members over the phone. Why use the telephone? As the popularity of content-based digital […]

Fundraising using your members

I recently ran a campaign for a membership organisation client of mine that encouraged members to sign up to its charitable fund. A number of new donors have come forward, which my client is very pleased about. I have often […]